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Taco Pin

$ 10.00

Perhaps the most loved, yet most debated food in California, tacos are an emblem of the cultural diversity on offer here. Fish tacos, al pastor, carnitas, veggie potato tacos: you name it and there's likely an amazing place within 10 minutes that specializes in it. For that reason, this is really the ultimate "California love" pin--just think of it as your merit badge  for exploring every taqueria in your town.

Goes with: beach days, midday lunch breaks, Tuesdays

  • Colors: matte nickel; yellow; light green; brown; white. Note this pin has a matte appearance, with only a diffused sheen on the metal.
  • Size: 1" long x 1.5mm thickness
  • Sanded hardened enamel poured into cast metal, smooth to the touch

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