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Artist Collaboration: Trina Nguyen

A big part of why I started doing this project was to feature the people, places, and ideas that add character to daily life. One such character isn't even human--he's Henry, a fluffy (long haired!) corgi who lives with my friends Bryan and Trina. Corgis are really smart animals, and I was awestruck when I met up with them at Nor Cal Corgi Con over the summer on a whim. Over 500 corgis were there!

I had already scribbled down the idea of collaborating with one of Henry's humans, Trina Nguyen, a fellow crafty lady I often exchange ideas with who loves playing with scale (making tiny versions of big things, and oversized versions of small things). When I learned that Henry had to have an emergency spinal surgery, I pitched the idea that she create a corgi-themed pin whose proceeds could help pay off the surgery debt. I was excited to learn that she was all for the idea, and am thrilled to share the end product.We decided to make this a premium pin set: 2 pins connected by a chain, all in an antique copper metal. The end result is a unique piece of jewelry perfect for a lapel. If you choose to buy one, know that Henry thanks you! (You'll even get a signed pawtograph featuring this classic photo with your purchase.)

 Henry the Dog!

Henry at Baker Beach in San Francisco